Research Tools

Here is some information to help you access technology tools and online databases for research.

Online Databases
These resources are provided free by the State Library of Kansas. There are lots of databases available for all ages, kids through adults, on many, many topics. Student resources from the State Library are available here:

Below I have listed the ones that will be most helpful to you. Access to magazines, newspapers, journals, ebooks, audio and video files NOT available on the free Web:

  • MasterFile (academic and popular magazines: Time, Newsweek, Weekly Reader, etc.)

Bibliography / Works Cited
Try one of these citation makers to help you give credit to places where you found your information.

Sample websites for bibliography / works cited practice:

Tips for Searching
Learn how using " " for a phrase search and using Boolean operators (AND OR NOT - +) can help you find what you're searching for in databases or search engines.